Un- I -ty

Hello my friends,
It’s been a while since I’ve posted on here.
Life has been ‘a changin’.
Thoughts and analogies seem to pop out of the ceiling during times of insomnia. Scenarios, play books, what ifs, and how to’s follow each other in circles like sheep stuck in a corral. Pictures appear on the wall in the dark, vivid and bright. Eyes wide open or eyes shut tight.
My Power Button is out of order on nights like these. It only works one way, ON.
Tonight I can’t get the saying ‘Every Man For Himself’ out of my head.
Every Man For Himself…
Every Man For Himself…
This is a way of life for some. An outlook, layout, and instruction manual for the lonely. A phrase tattooed across the forehead of the sad and selfish troll that hides and hordes, taking and never giving. The motto in which the cold salute and chant. But the chant is never in sync. It is never perfect. Never in unison, and always in disarray.
There is no unity, so there can be no harmony.
Without unity, there is no hope. Without unity, there is no love.
Without unity, there is only one.
Yes, tomorrow may come for those who follow this code of heartlessness. But the tomorrow’s will get shorter and shorter and eventually end with nothing to show. Pure Emptiness, and darkness.
A world full of love, compassion, and unification will conquer all.
If this ridiculous idea of immediate gratification and selfishness is pulled out of the tiny trophy case that is inside the Man For Himself and replaced with the realization that we are all here together, then the cold will warm. Hearts will grow. Souls will heal.
I would feel ashamed and guilt ridden to try and believe that it’s ‘Me for Me’. Replace Me with Us. Us is everyone. Everyone is life. Life is everything.

I love you all- JP


Solace in Emptiness (my own lil sound check)
An empty arena before the doors open to the crowd is an amazing place. The silence is grand. It’s a calm before the storm.
To play alone on the stage with an extraordinary amount of peace is almost perfection. It is the alter ego of the lights, screams, and aggressive energy of the rock show. It is a feeling of warmth and satisfaction.
This is my time to express thoughts and feelings that come from my heart and soul. This is me today :)

This is a Fender P Bass. A tool to bring the thunder to any type of music, and shake the ground on every kind of dance floor. The bass creates rhythm that you can’t help but move to, and melody that makes you want to sing along.  
The bass along with drums are the foundation of music. The rock. Without them you have no depth. No groove. But with them you have perfection. The next time you bob your head to a song, or bust a move on the dance floor, think of the picture above :)

This is a Fender P Bass. A tool to bring the thunder to any type of music, and shake the ground on every kind of dance floor. The bass creates rhythm that you can’t help but move to, and melody that makes you want to sing along.
The bass along with drums are the foundation of music. The rock. Without them you have no depth. No groove. But with them you have perfection. The next time you bob your head to a song, or bust a move on the dance floor, think of the picture above :)

Hello. My name is Josh Paul aka JP. I love music.I love tattoos. I love fun. I love family. I love being me. 
What do you love?
There is no shame in loving who you are. Be yourself, loud and proud.
Just Be You.

Hello. My name is Josh Paul aka JP. I love music.I love tattoos. I love fun. I love family. I love being me.
What do you love?
There is no shame in loving who you are. Be yourself, loud and proud.
Just Be You.

Make Room for the World

Growing up, I was always surrounded by people. My family is huge. 6 siblings, and about 20 cousins and nieces and nephews. Along with the family comes friends, co workers, spouses, and acquaintances of every person listed above.
I was exposed to every ‘type’ of personality imaginable. The kind and gentle, the rough and tumble, the passive aggressive, the plain old asshole. The entire spectrum.
One thing that I have always done from the time that I can remember, is observe. I would sit back and watch people. Watch their reactions to situations, and try and guess what would happen next. I became a very good judge of character. But I wasn’t ‘judging’ in the sense of being judgmental. I was simply challenging myself to see if I was correct in my observations. For the most part, I became pretty accurate.
Coming into contact with so many different types of people thru out my life has actually helped me become a more compassionate and patient person. But it has also done the complete opposite if that makes any sense at all. It has forced me to try and come to a conclusion almost immediately about a person, which isn’t fair.
There is a false urgency that people have to try and judge a person or figure them out very very quickly, as oppose to approaching the person cautious but open minded. It’s very sad that caution or warning signs pop into our heads with something as very simple as meeting someone new.
Every person has opinions and values that are based mostly on what they’ve been exposed to. Jimmy from San Diego has been raised completely different than another Jimmy in Kuwait, yet they share a common factor- they are both humans. They are both people that didn’t get a chance to choose where they were born or from whom they were conceived. They are the exact same, except in what they have experienced from birth.
We are all taught and fed information from the moment that we are born. As children, we don’t have the opportunity to choose who, what, or why we are learning. That is dependent on where, and who you are living/learning. People have different beliefs and visions on what life should be. Not everyone believes the same thing. But as far as I know the basis of every religion basically outlines the ‘Golden Rule’.
The more that we understand and come to terms with the fact that some people live differently than others do, the easier this idea of peace and unity will be. This planet IS big enough for all of us.
I believe that being overly opinionated is very close to being ‘extreme’ in your beliefs. Extremists leave no room for logic or understanding because they are so wrapped up in one idea. Almost like an obsession. The obsession almost always leads to actions or thoughts that completely erase the original idea in the first place. While being so focused on an idea, you cut yourself off from the ability to reason.
The mind and the heart are very large open spaces. Keep them open and they will be filled with all of the warmth and satisfaction that every person deserves. Always stand your ground and believe and live by the standards in which you want to live. But remember, this world has more people livin’ in it than just you :)

God Bless America

For the last few weeks I have been on a tour of several military bases in several countries. This experience has been one that I will never forget. I’ve visited places that I have never imagined that I would go, and one that I never knew existed, making this tour forever locked into my heart and mind.
There have been a million emotions packed into a short time, as I have only experienced just the very tip of what our soldiers live and breathe every single day. But for me, it has left an everlasting impact.
I am humbled by the fact that each and every person that I’ve come in contact with on this run has shown an unprecedented amount of appreciation and gratitude for us merely showing up to visit, let alone perform. As I stand and meet soldiers and their families, I am in awe of the sacrifices that are made for our country. Proud and true.
When a thank you comes my way from one of these amazing troops, I am completely speechless and only want to say, ‘No…Thank you.’ I can’t express enough the ‘Thank You’ that I want to give each and every one of these soldiers. The apparent dedication and willingness for ultimate sacrifice for the good of our country is something that should never be forgotten, or taken for granted. Because these people are true heroes.
At home, comfy in our houses and able to do what we want to do whenever we want to do it we sometimes lose sight of what is actually going on. Please appreciate who is making a difference.
For me to come and show a little bit of joy, and bring a little bit of entertainment is no burden to me whatsoever. As I could never do enough to show my appreciation.
I will perform whenever and wherever I can to bring a little bit of fun, and a sense of home to these men and women.
I would do this again in a heart beat. Whole hearted and proud. Thank you to each and every one of you out there serving, and anytime you need me to come jam with ya, I’m there!!!!
God Bless, and Happy Holidays!


The Interview

It has been a little while since my last post. Between work and fam, I have barely had the time to breathe.
But alas here I am once again ready to share a few of my thoughts with you.
One of my job requirements is to do interviews; print, radio, television, and whatever else I’m sent to do. A lot of the the times I just sit back and just roll with the flow, somewhat quiet and “chillaxing”. My mellow silence has been misconstrued as shy. But I am most definitely not shy. Quite the contrary actually!
In band interview situations there are so many people with a lot to say. I sit back and let ‘em go! Instead of attempting to speak over people or squabble to answer questions leading to a simultaneous verbal train wreck, I just hang out and listen. When the opportunity arises or someone has something to say directly to me, I answer gladly with a smile :)
Even though I may seem quiet in these interviews, I am very present and I am very aware of everything that’s going on. No matter what the interview is, or who is speaking at the time or what is being said, I just sick back with a smile:)
I would much prefer to write and share all of my thoughts and Ideas right here!
Enjoy life to the absolute fullest,


Say What you Mean

I have noticed recently a few words that have almost completely lost their meaning. In everyday conversation that includes some modern lingo, these words that are meant to describe emotion and greatness to the highest level have been knocked down to a mere ‘passing’ word in a sentence.
Love: a strong positive emotion of regard and affection.
Even the definition doesn’t do it justice. The word love to me means from the deepest depths of your heart and soul, a tremendous feeling and power of closeness, affection, emotion, and family.
It seems as though it has become all to common in the description of the word ‘Like’. It’s ok to like something. Maybe the word like has lost a bit of it’s power? But when I hear ‘I LOVE the tire on that car’, it kind of makes me cringe. Let’s bring LOVE back to it’s full POWER!
The next word is ‘Amazing’. ‘that street sign is AMAZING’, or ‘Man this orange juice bottle is AMAZING’. Come on! Is it really AMAZING?? Or is it cool? Or nice? Or Delicious??
These two words are important deep, and powerful words. Let’s pull out the heavy artillery when we really need to use it! Thinking about if you really believe the words that are about to come out of your mouth :)
Mmmkk? Stay cool, stay happy, stay busy, and most of all SMILE!

Livin the Dream

How many times have you heard, ‘this song is good but the rest of the album sucks!’ For me it’s far too many times.
It’s sad. It’s also sad for someone to harshly judge another ones creativity. Art is in the eye of the beholder remember, it’s hard to judge good or bad. It’s all a matter of opinion.
I went on a bit of a Twitter rampage this morning regarding young people’s need for instant gratification and the big push for the sale of singles vs entire albums. I am for both, as long as music is available to all. Especially to young people.
But the market for singles alone has somewhat depreciated the value of the ‘Album’. It has created a laziness within record companies, artists, and music listeners/buyers. It has forced labels and artists to capitalize on a single alone, rather than an entire album. New artists are placing a bet on one song, one single, to determine if they will be an artist or not. To do what they have dreamed of being, or sweeping up the toilet at the nearest taco bell. Gambling a career on one song. One chance…A lot of new artists only get the chance to record one song, and if that song does well maybe they will get to do an EP or if they are lucky a full record.
There isn’t much of a gamble for labels doing it this way, the odds are all against the artist.
This way of thinking is inspired by the problem with illegal downloading of music I’m sure, but is it right? No.
All that I have mentioned above has created a very lazy mentality. Lazy on the part of a label by not having to do any artist development and take the time,money,and faith that it takes to see an artists career grow. And lazy on the part of an artist by not having to realize that they need to know who they are,what they do, and fill an entire body of work with their creation. With music from their soul that they believe in. A career full of integrity, inspiration, faith and determination. Long term. Not just one hit, make some cash and then dash. INSTANT GRATIFICATION!
Take the time to ensure that every single song on your album is exactly what you want to put out,and be proud of. It may not sell, but at least you have an entire album full of music that is dear to your heart and soul that will last forever.
We must all remember why we got into this biz to begin with. I would hope the original motivation isn’t the money and fame,but the love of what you do.